Two peptide derivatives of glucosamine that are more effective in controlling joint inflammation and in stimulating the formation of new cartilage tissue

Idiopathic osteoarthritis of the knee and hip joints has substantially increased in the general population during the last decades. Analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are currently extensively used as non-surgical treatment options. However, they act as symptomatic treatments, not offering a cure for osteoarthritis and they are accused of an increased risk of adverse events (1).

Cartilago proposes a patented technology that innovatively addresses the pathology by acting as a chondroprotective and therefore becoming on the market one of the first disease-modifying osteoarthritis drugs offering not only symptomatic relief but also an alteration of the natural history of osteoarthritis.
The patented technology offered by Cartilago is currently being exploited in a broad number of fields that include also skincare and oncology.
Chronic inflammation has been associated with cancer development by the alteration of several inflammatory pathways, due to the decades of R&D, Cartilago was able to highlight the signal transduction pathways of the novel molecule proposed and to address the mechanism of action permitting its application in the mentioned fields.

About us

Cartilago is an academic spin-off that has focused its clinical research on the discovery of two peptide derivatives of glucosamine that are more effective than the former, in controlling joint inflammation and in stimulating the formation of new cartilage tissue.

The merit of Cartilago is the discovery of a peptide derivative of the parent molecule with greater efficacy that may be developed and exploited in the fields of osteoarthritis, anti-aging, and oncology.

Osteoarthritis: Glucosamine is the basic molecule for the synthesis of macromolecules present in cartilage, tendons, and ligaments. In addition to stimulating cartilage production, glucosamine also reduces joint pain and inflammation (1).
Anti-aging: The developed products arose from the need to introduce a ground-breaking product on a market that is lacking a natural and endogenously driven solution for the healthy maintenance of the skin, fostering rejuvenation through the implementation of physiological transduction pathways and abrogating local injection discomfort as needed for currently in used skincare solutions.

The core of the project stems from a peptide derivative of natural amino sugar, which the company’s CSO has proven to be more effective in vitro than the currently employed amino sugar, in stimulating the generation extracellular matrix, endogenous hyaluronic acid and a specific type of collagen. Solid preclinical research outlined that the product proposed has collagen repair properties and stimulates endogenous hyaluronic acid production. The company employed cutting edge techniques to develop a three-dimensional cell culture model that permitted to reproduce the three-dimensional physiologic structure of human dermal tissues and evaluate the effects of the proposed molecule.

Currently available anti-aging solutions involving hyaluronic acid comprise dermal fillers. The latter are absorbable and therefore show short term effects in comparison to the proposed solution which will be administered topically granting enhanced effects and endogenous stimulation of hyaluronic acid production. Decades of R&D have permitted Cartilago to elucidate the signal transduction pathways of the studied molecule and to develop it in the oncology field inhibiting osteosarcoma metastatic ability in a human in vitro model.
The company CSO is the author of more than 130 publications on international peer-reviewed journals and is a nationally recognized expert in his field.


Glucosamine is an amino monosaccharide already known for its tissue-reparative properties.
The merit of Italian research is in the discovery of a simple peptide derivative of the parent molecule and its conjugate with significantly greater efficacy demonstrated in numerous publications and clinical trials.

The new molecule is applied in the field of Cosmetics against signs of aging and skin imperfections; in the field of Joint Pathologies against pathological states affecting the joints (eg osteoarthritis or diseases characterized by lack of cartilage); in the field of Sports Medicine for the treatment of traumas or pathologies affecting the joints where it is necessary to stimulate the production of new cartilage.


Moreover, after having defined the mechanism of action, studies are ongoing in order to apply the technology in the field of oncology.

Recent clinical studies have shown extraordinary effectiveness in stimulating the production in our body of new cartilage tissue and new extracellular matrix, one of the components of the dermis.
Two new molecules have been discovered against cellular and tissue aging.

The new molecules, then: 

  • They stimulate the endogenous production of cartilage and new tissue;
  • They have a soothing effect in pathological joint states characterized by chronic pain;
  • They act on the extracellular matrix and aged tissues;
  • They stimulate tissue regeneration without the need for invasive external interventions;
  • Their action is permanent and not limited in time.


Cartilago’s objective is the creation of a product line focused on the beneficial properties of new molecules.
The Regen product line is aimed at four fields of application:
Beauty and Anti-aging, Sports Medicine, Wound Care and Nutraceuticals.


Beauty and Anti-aging

  • Regen Beauty Cream Face Cream
  • Regen Beauty Fluid Body Fluid 

Sports medicine

Intra-articular Infiltrations Regular IA 

Wound Care


Regen Repair Wound Care Gel Nutraceutical: Food supplement (tablets) Regen Nutro


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