Rome, Italy 11th November, 2022 – Cartilago, a clinical stage regenerative medicine company founded by Cube Labs, announced today the results from an analysis of 21 subjects with a mean age of over 55 enrolled in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical cosmetology study for Regen Longevity, a regenerative molecule developed to increase overall skin health and for the treatment of facial wrinkles that occur with ageing. The results were consistent with the first-in-human studies conducted in 2021 and demonstrated that Regen Longevity is effective in reducing medium and fine wrinkles.

The anti-ageing treatment was developed to enhance the overall health of ageing skin and to improve the appearance of expression lines. The cream formulation comprises a proprietary molecule, NAPA, an N-peptidyl derivative of glucosamine, that displayed potent regenerative capacity in first-in-human studies, with visible reduction of periocular wrinkles, and improved skin evenness and hydration.

In the current study, a decrease in the indentation of both fine and medium wrinkles was observed in the periocular area with 1% NAPA after only 30 days of treatment, while no changes were observed with control treatment. Specifically, fine wrinkles were reduced by 13%, while medium wrinkles by 9% after treatment with 1% NAPA-containing base cream.

“The results are very encouraging because this reduction of medium and especially fine wrinkles was achieved after only 30 days of application of the cream and with a concentration of only 1% of NAPA,” stated Prof. Roberto Scandurra, the Chief Scientific Officer of Cartilago and Head of the Biochemistry Laboratory at the Sapienza University of Rome, who led the research.

“The findings provide further evidence that our regenerative NAPA product holds the potential to reverse skin ageing and transform the paradigm in skincare,” commented Dr. Filippo Surace, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Cartilago. “Clinical validation of regenerative technologies provides valuable biological insights that have broad implications to wellbeing and medicine.”

About Cartilago: Advanced Solutions in Regenerative Medicine

Cartilago is a clinical stage regenerative medicine company that develops disease-modifying, chondro- and dermo-protective technologies for combatting osteoarthritis and related pathologies, and anti-ageing solutions for skincare and wound care. Cartilago’s regenerative technologies are centered upon molecules that display extraordinary potency in stimulating the production of new cartilage tissue, as well as the generation of extracellular matrix and collagen, and the endogenous production of hyaluronic acid. Cartilago is a Cube Labs company and is supported by the Seed program of the “Southern Italy Venture II Fund – Fondo Imprese Sud” of CDP Venture Capital Sgr.

About Cube Labs

Cube Labs is the first venture builder in the healthcare technology space in Italy, designed to address the gap between the excellent local academic science and the commercially promising life sciences market. Cube Labs builds new companies from promising R&D and enables innovation in order to transform pioneering science into healthcare solutions. Through its international network, Cube Labs works together with communities interested in innovation to transform outcomes for patients and accelerate the world’s transition to optimal health.

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